{ Art Restoration } The Art of Bringing a memory back to life ...

Restoring a piece of furniture, a frame or an antique ceiling is not simple, the risk of not using adequate equipment and products is likely to make the restoration too visible and not in line with the historical period.

For many years Menardo Restorations has been specializing in restoring, care, maintenance and rehabilitation of all the wooden parts of every age and style and of their original recovery .

Structures of fixed and moving parts, such as antique furniture, wood paneling, historic doors, doorways, coffered ceilings, sacred art furnishings; whatever is your need, Menauro Restauri will recover your memory bringing it more alive than ever, using an authentic craftsmanship technique, colouring, dyeing, polishing and the decorative art.

Not only furniture , Menardo Restauri is also involved in recovering and restoring musical instruments such as violas , violins , cellos and pianos .

Menardo Restauri operates primarily in the provinces of Milan , Varese, Como.